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I started Greenkeeping at 17 and completed my apprenticeship which focused on Bowling Greens. I gained qualifications from Woodburn House and at age 19, secured my first Bowling Green contract which I still look after to this day, 38 years later.

I have studied with the Horticultural Correspondence College, and I completed an NTC, NID and National Diploma in Turf culture and Related Science. To further my education, I then completed the highest qualifications available, an HNC and HND in Golf Course Management.

I am also a member of the Institute of Groundsmanship

With 38 years experience, I have covered all aspects of Bowling Green maintenance, construction and match preparation. I know what type of surfaces bowlers are looking for and provide a personalised service.

I specialise in Consultancy, and Advisory/Maintenance contracts as this enable Bowling Clubs to get the expert advice, support, treatments and machinery work needed to make their Green the best it can be.