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Bowling Green Contractor


We cover all areas from Bowling Green Mainenance. We cover the whole of West of Scotland. Thats from Helensburgh, to Ayrshire to Lanark

  • Maintenance works contract

  • Materials

  • Supply

Maintenance of Bowling Green


We offer a full service in the way of an advisory service for your bowling green. We can give your bowling green a consultant and advice you on how to sort out issues with the green. You can then let us carry out the work required, or if you have someone else, we can explain how to sort out the issues.

  • Consultation for problem greens advisory

  • Programmes/ training

Consultancy/Advisory work on Bowling Green

Winter Work on Green

Winter is a very important time for your bowling green as this is when it is not used for long periods and major work can be carried out. This could be re-building the whole green to fixing a water issue with the correct irrigation.

  • Scarifying

  • Aeration

  • Top Dressing

Winter Work on Green


Looking to have reconstruction work on your bowling green? At Bowling Green Contractors we can give you a free quote to carry out this reconstruction work on your green.

  • Bankings - Artificial Coverings

  • Lifting of edges

  • Replacing of wood, concrete or composite support

  • Lifting, leveling and relaying of green surface

Reconstruction of Bowling Green West of Scotland

Application Of Treatment

At Bowling Green Contractors we have all the qualifications required to treat your bowling green with the correct chemicals.

  • Fertilisers

  • Spraying Pesticides

  • Weedkilling

  • Knotweed

Application Of Treatment

Work Using Machinery

We are experts using certain machinery on your bowling green. Using some of the machinery that is required for bowling green can require years of experience, and at Bowling Green Contractors we have this experience needed to use certain machinery on your green.

  • Micro Tining

  • Scarifying

  • Graden - Linear Scarifying

Work Using Machinery